Our Story

30 years ago MGM Builders was started on a foundation of hope and hard work. At the age of sixteen, Mike Manning found a set of home plans in a Better Homes and Gardens magazine and held onto them with a dream to one day build that house himself. He had spent his summers and much of his free time learning the construction trade alongside his grandfather, instilling in him a love and appreciation for home building. In 1987 at the age of 24, Mike with his wife Anne and their growing family, broke ground in Raymond Maine to build their first home; the exact home he’d kept the plans to for so many years. After months of swinging hammers and staining wood together, they knew they wanted to do this for other families too. They gave the new company a name that would honor those who had influenced Mike throughout his life, with each letter of MGM representing a different family name.

Mike really believed that with enough determination and ingenuity you could make anything happen. With that mindset, he began contracting several homes a year while still working full-time as an electrician at the Jay paper mill. Anne started designing the homes they built, finding that she had a keen eye for spatial design. With the hands-on skills Mike had learned over the years,  Anne’s design sense, and their unwavering commitment to quality, the new company was able to create custom homes that demonstrated pride in one’s craft, while providing their customers with a home they loved.

With over 200 homes completed since then, the same values that established MGM Builders 30 years ago still stand true today. They have built their reputation on the integrity of the fine materials they use, the exceptional level of workmanship poured into each house, and the belief that every family deserves to have their dream home—a home that will last for generations to come.

Mike & Anne Manning

Mike & Anne Manning

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